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#MEMORY LANE: July 20th;Ebola Virus Disease and The Giant of Africa(Nigeria).

July 20th is a day that will never be forgotten in the Healthcare history of Nigeria or the giant of Africa,as many National enthusiasts call her. Today marks 3 years since the deadly hemorrhagic(bloody) Ebola virus found it's way into Nigeria to cause one of the greatest healthcare scare that my generation has ever witnessed. The outcome was 20 cases and 8 very sad deaths,including late Dr Ameyo Adadevo,the Chief of the in-house managing team- now considered to be a National Heroine-for blowing the whistle and stepping her feet down to ensure that quarantine measures were attempted after a high index of suspicion for the index case.
Late Dr.Ameyo Adadevo

 The virus had been rocking the boats of other neighbouring West African countries dangerously and the death toll was fast climbing. If you were one of those that read my first Blog ever  in early 2014 ( -no longer exists),you would be witness to the fact that myself and some of my colleagues had warned of the possibilities of inter-regional spread and had advised that vital measures be put in place geared towards "emergency preparedness". I can no longer remember if I was the Medical Officer on Call that faithful day, in the popular Hospital I worked in Lagos,just a few minutes from First Consultant Hospital Obalende,where the index case was rushed to straight from the airport but I was particularly touched because fast forward to a few days later, the news of Mr Patrick Sawyer's arrival in Nigeria and consequently Ebola virus disease hit the airwaves and those of us who worked around realised very much that the exposure story and mortality that followed suit could have been any of us:from Senior to Junior clinical staff who would have been involved in that management had the case presented at our professional Door steps.

Hand sanitisers became scarce commodity and the universal precaution hygiene culture of hand washing rose to a sky-top peak, after members of the general public realised that transmission was by coming in contact with body fluids of infected persons and that hand sanitisation at every opportunity could reduce the risk of getting infected. The clinical community went to town with trying to inform members of the general public about signs and symptoms and those of us in the media made sure to disseminate vital information when ever on air. I remember sitting on a discussion panel of an NTA International Programme alongside,Prof. Innocent Ujah, the then Director General of The Nigerian Institute of Medical Research, just to ensure that members of the general public were well informed about the signs and symptoms to enable early and prompt reporting of suspected cases.

The appropriate state/National Health authorities sprang into action in partnership with the World Health Organisation(WHO) and with an utmost sense of responsibility,by the end of August/ beginning of September 2014 and since then, no new cases have been reported.  Major treatment modality for those who survived proved to be mainly supportive,even if a WHO sponsored trial vaccine in Guinea later showed major promise towards prevention,alongside contact racing and appropriate lifestyle modification. Up until today an outright cure has not been established for the disease but vital lessons have been learnt worldwide. Have we stopped washing our hands as a Nation? Have we gone back to sleep with regards to emergency preparedness? Can Ebola virus disease resurface on the shores of the most populous Nation in Africa? My candid answer to all these questions will be,"I HOPE NOT" but to ensure this as a Nation,"WE MUST ALWAYS BE READY". For more/better details and information about the disease condition and National/Continental/Global responses, consult the References below.


Tuesday, 18 July 2017


Can care ever be too much for our mothers (for those still alive) and the mothers of the future to come? I still remember with laughter now, how I used to mention so quickly,"5 kids",whenever I was asked how many biologic children I planned to father. Not until I stepped into the Labour room as a medical student,did I appreciate even the more, my darling mum and her mum(my grandma);both of blessed memory now. I also immediately in advance began to appreciate as at then, my unknown better half to be and changed my naive "5 kids" illusion to 2 or possibly 3,God willing. As a General Practitioner, I reserve my comments about what I have seen women go through in labour but those who have the experience and men who have stood by to support them know all about it; certainly not child's play. Our mothers and the mothers of the future to come deserve all the information they require to remain healthy through every stage of life.
My mother and her mother were two distinguished women who passed away 1 decade apart as a result of complications associated with one ailment- Hypertension. It later dawned on me after a few months as a House Physician that,if only we had been appropriately/better informed, perhaps those two heroines might still have been around. Today, there are a wide variety of health concerns that threaten the happiness of many families via the women folk. Ranging from issues of Sub-fertility to maternal mortality; social cases of slavery,abuse and trafficking or even genital mutilation- the list seems endless but our resolve is to disseminate as much relevant information as we can,until our work begins to contribute a significant aspect of decreased morbidity and mortality rates on the African Continent and beyond.
Thank God that things are looking up worldwide,with respect to health outcomes amongst the woman folk. There is more sensitisation today than ever before about the importance of keeping our mothers and the mothers of the future to come,as well as our sisters,healthy. We must never forget that a woman is the "mother of mothers" who eventually beget generations  and "sons",through whom the Almighty Creator makes the joint process of procreation a reality. Keep visiting for vital/selected topics that will increase your knowledge and influence your health attitude towards optimum health.

#MENSHEALTH :10 Facts About Inability To Sustain A Penile Erection-You Should Know Sir.


Inability to sustain an erection or erectile dysfunction? What's the difference anyway? If you are sexually active,then you most likely have experienced an episode or more of the above mentioned;especially as you grow older. You however wish it will never occur again and you were burning on top cylinders whenever called to action **😊. I know some men will deny it and you don't need to say;yes it can be embarrassing but breeze through these 10 facts below to quell your curiosity and improve function as the case may be.

1. You must understand that a penile erection is the hydraulic effect of extra blood entering and being maintained in the penis- must not always last as long as you want.

2. Inability to sustain is not an issue until occurrence becomes regular or intermittently recurrent- at which point it can be referred to as erectile dysfunction.

3. The most important organic/disease related causes are associated with problems from the heart or blood vessels e.g. Hypertension; problems with blood sugar processing e.g Diabetes mellitus;past surgeries especially:brain,prostatic or scrotal. other causes may include hormonal insufficiencies and drug side effects e.g. tobacco/nicotine in cigarette or alcohol overUSE.

Obesity has also been implicated. Excessive cycling is also a suspected associated risk factor 😏.  Majority of the time however,cause is psychological 😩- where erection and thus penetration fails due to anxiety/negative thoughts or feelings. A good way to differentiate is the presence/absence of erection during arousal from sleep early in the morning.

4. The occurrence is said to be 4 times or more higher amongst men in their 60's,compared to those in their 40's and below.

5. In the absence of uncontrolled or permanent organic/disease causes, experts have identified exercise,especially aerobic and certain fruits to be an effective treatment.

6. Carelessly using medications for self treatment can lead to priapism- a potentially painful condition in which,the erect penis does not return to it's flaccid (relaxed) state, despite absence of stimulation within 4 hours. SEE YOUR HEALTHCARE PROVIDER IF YOU HAVE CONCERNS.

7. There are purpose designed external vacuum pumps that can be used to attain an erection for those who must use it- these help to draw blood into the penis by applying negative pressure.

8. As a last resort,a prostatic implant or artificial erectile rod can be inserted by a Urologist/ genitourinary Surgeon but not without it's own risk.

9. FDA(The U.S. Food & Drug Agency) does not recommend alternative/herbal therapies for treatment of the condition. I don't think NAFDAC(The Nigerian National Agency For Food & Drugs Administration & control) does either.

10. During the late 16th and 17th centuries in France, erectile dysfunction was considered a crime as well as legal grounds for divorce- practice involved inspection of complaints by court experts**😀😅. Was declared obscene and abolished in 1677.

Now you know how serious the matter can get. Unfortunately, I learn the condition is still a risk factor for divorce in todays society. You however know better so educate your spouses/partners or get them to read as well. For more information, consult references below.



Saturday, 8 July 2017


It will be of benefit to remind everyone that there are different types of Stem Cell Therapy. Embryonic Stem Cell Therapy involves the use of embryonic stem cells derived from the inner cell mass of a blastocyst, an early-stage pre-implantation embryo at 4 days old to around 12 days old, leading to the destruction of the blastocyst which raises ethical and religious issues. Therefore, this type of Stem Cell Therapy is not what we will be discussing here today. In addition to Embryonic Stem (ES) cells, there are also Adult stem cells (ADSC) and induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSCs). iPSCs are produced in the laboratories by reprogramming adult cells to express embryonic stem cells characteristics. In this article, we are going to be talking about Adult Stem Cell Therapy, i.e. the stem cells are obtained from an adult patient who will also be the recipient of the same stem cells.
In the United States, we must transplant the cells back to the same patient on the same day, while in some countries, the stem cells can be cultured to increase the quantity of stem cells before transplanting them back to the same patient who donated them.

Stem cell transplantation is a complex process that needs the care of experts in Regenerative Medicine. In order to ensure that science remains as the vehicle for hope and not harm, the controversies associated with the legal, social and legal issues of certain areas of stem cells research and stem cells potential clinical applications must be carefully examined. Advancing treatment and care for patients to save a life is and must be the ultimate goal.

Adult Stem Cell Therapy and Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) Therapy are under a new specialty of medicine known as Regenerative Medicine. Regenerative Medicine is a specialist segment of medicine that helps people to naturally regenerate and rejuvenate their bodies from the different conditions they may be suffering from without using chemicals or the orthodox medicine we are used to. Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) is blood plasma that has been enriched with platelets, and contains growth factors which may elicit the gathering of stem cells around the damaged region stimulating cellular proliferation and tissue regeneration. PRP is used to promote healing of injured tendons, ligaments, muscles, joints and can be applied to various musculoskeletal problems. In the case of Adult Stem Cell Therapy, stem cells are found in specialized areas of many tissues, including bone marrow and fat. Adult stem cell therapy is the process of re-introducing your own (autologous) stem cells into/around areas of damage or chronic disease. As mentioned earlier, the extraction and transplantation of the stem cells are done on the same day in the United States. Bone marrow transplant has been the most widely used stem-cell therapy till date, but Adult Adipose-derived (fat) Stem Cell Therapy is fast gaining popularity as fat harvesting is less invasive than bone marrow harvesting, you get more stem cells from fat than bone marrow, and fat stem cells are not age-dependent. Adult stem cell therapy may hold answers to many questions and problems that we doctors believed had no solutions, especially neurological disorders. Adult stem cell therapy with or without PRP Therapy revitalizes and regenerates the body organs and systems; it also reverses and repairs many pending subclinical medical problems before they become apparent, including the diseases that are age-related. Generally, Adult Stem Cell Therapy and Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy are safe as shown by many published research reports and clinical trials done already. However, this does not guarantee that adverse effects can’t occur if the treatment is done by physicians that are not properly trained.

Adult Adipose-derived (Fat) Stem Cell Therapy has helped a lot of people all over the world to regain their lives back from debilitating ailments and Nigerians are not left behind. There are people in Nigeria that were either wheelchair bound but now walking freely with occasional use of a cane or using a cane before but now walking without one; diabetes patients are able to have restoration of vision in their eyes, and some feel and look younger. The Adult Stem Cell Therapy has helped Chronic Kidney Disease patients in Nigeria that are on hemodialysis to either reduce the frequency of hemodialysis per week or like in a patient that was recommended to have kidney transplant a year ago is now off hemodialysis and off diabetic medications, and remain stable for the last 6 months. Men with Erectile Dysfunction are now feeling like young men again.  I would be remiss to mention that the type of treatment protocol, the dosage of stem cells used also play a role in the efficacy of the treatment, and not everyone will respond in the same manner. Most of the patients showed improvements after the first treatment, and the few that needed second treatment went on to see great results after more treatments were done; needless to say that they were elated with the results. The only group of patients that will always need more than a couple of transplantation sessions are patients with the Neurological disorders. The latest researches and evidence-based studies show the number of treatment session needed to get significant clinical results can decreased by adding Exosomes to the treatment sessions.

In a recently published press release in Germany, the new concept developed around 2010 of how stem cells work was reinforced stating that most of the effects of stem cells are through the Paracrine effects, delivered by the Exosomes. Exosomes are extracellular cell-derived vesicles that are present in almost all biological fluids. When secreted by stem cells, Exosomes are those tiny communication vesicles that interact with surrounding cells, thereby creating therapeutic activity. This is called the paracrine effect. The paracrine soluble factors (communication vesicles) have specialized functions, play a key role in intercellular signaling and in the following properties – immune modulatory, neuroprotective, anti-inflammatory, neurotrophic, angiotrophic, anti-apoptotic and anti-oxidatory. Stem cells also secrete other important proteins and cytokines that have healing properties.

There are some diseases that conventional treatments have no cure for, but Adult Stem Cell Therapy can reverse the symptoms of those diseases, repair, and regenerate the damaged tissues or organs involved. In some cases, it significantly slows down the progression of the disorder. For example, it can regenerate the bony joints in arthritis, repair and strengthen partial Rotator cuff tears and avascular necrosis of the hip without surgery, revitalize the sexual organs in men and women, regenerate renal cells in Kidney diseases, modulate immune system without use of medications that have very serious side effects in conditions like Rheumatoid Arthritis, Lupus, Scleroderma, Crohn’s disease, etc. Another advantage is its application in neurological disorders like ALS and spinal cord injury.
Adult Stem Cell Therapy can gradually lower diabetic medications dosage and eventually may get the patients off diabetic medications. This is evidenced by stem cells in a hyperglycemic medium differentiating into pancreatic cells; therefore leading to increased development of new blood vessels, secretion of various products of the immune system, and upregulation of pancreatic transcription factors and vascular growth factor. This aids the pancreas to regenerate and boost its ability to produce insulin. In stroke patients, stem cells activate cells around the suffering brain tissue to catalyze rapid healing and to improve brain function, thereby restoring motor function. Until recently, it was believed that damage to the brain tissue was permanent. This is being challenged by the evidences of re-growth of brain cells and improvements of neurological function documented with the use of Adult Stem Cells.
A procedure called P-Shot for Men uses PRP Therapy to resolve challenges relating to Erectile Dysfunction by regenerating the damaged tissues. It gives treated men the possibility of saving their relationships by increasing stamina, enjoying bigger and harder genitals, and eventually increasing the length and girth. Orgasm-Shot for Women, the regenerative medicine procedure for women’s sexual function, leads to increased ability to have orgasm, better arousal from clitoris stimulation, decreased pain during intercourse, tighter vaginal opening, increased sexual desire and natural lubrication, and increased arousal from G-spot stimulation. In addition, because of the O-Shot rejuvenation capabilities, there is help available for women suffering from urinary stress incontinence without the need for invasive surgery.

Since the stem cells used are autologous, there is no risk of rejection of the stem cell transplant. Nevertheless, as with any procedure, there is a risk of infection which can be very minimal or non-existent if done under the right conditions. Adult stem cells transplantation can also be considered by people looking for alternative treatments especially in the areas of diabetes, hypertension, kidney disease, female and male sexual dysfunction, joint pain, neurological disorder and autoimmune disease. Currently, the cost of treatment varies, and it is not for everyone. However, you can’t place a price tag on life just as the saying goes that “Health is wealth”.  

Dr.David Ikudayisi
US Board Certified Internist.
Regenerative Medicine Specialist.
Glory Wellness and Regenerative Centre.
09090004532 or 09060000717

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Late Dr. Henry Bello -Nigerian Born New York Hospital Gun Man & The Unanswered Questions.

It's been 4 days since the unfortunate story of reckless shooting at the Bronx-Lebanon Hospital Centre in New York hit news media all around the world but I can't seem to get over the fact that the perpetrator has been identified by authorities to be a 45-year old Nigerian-Born,Caribbean trained medical Doctor called Dr Henry Bello (now late). I've read through several articles on the story and it is a very sad occurrence that a hardworking Physician lost her life in this saga. Not to talk of the other 6 injured persons. An undisputed fact in all of the literature thus far is that Late Dr. Bello had personal problems. Some of the questions that however remain unanswered include: what exactly drove him so low to the point of not caring about the lives he originally trained to care for;including his own? At what point did he lose it entirely and how did he manage to go unnoticed after all the telltale signs? Could this tragedy have been prevented? I don't have the answers to these questions but will make efforts to talk to a few other Nigerian-born medical Doctors practicing in the USA to see if vital answers that will prevent such an occurrence from ever happening will be proffered. If I am not mistaking, this is the first of it's kind amongst Nigerian born medics anywhere in the world and this has to be the last. Our heartfelt condolences go to the family of the young,said to be selfless Physician who lost her life.We also pray speedy recovery for the injured. A hospital should be sanctuary for the sick;not a death trap for any person.

We really won't be able to get Dr. Bello's own side of the story but no matter what,the act was condemnable and very unlikely of Nigerian Doctors who are some of the most gentle headed around the world. For more information on this story,consult the References below. We will however bring fresh details to you as the story unfolds.

NYTIMES|Doctors Killing At Bronx Hospital Called A Monumental Loss

CNN|Hospital Gunman Fired From Hospital Week Before Shooting,New York Official Says

VANGUARD|Bello-New York Hospital Shooter Identified As Nigerian

#HeartAttack - How a Chinese Bus Driver Saved His Passengers Before Dying: Video.


A now late 42-year old Bus driver in China has been tagged as a hero,after he successfully stepped on the break of a bus filled with passengers and pulled over to safety before allegedly passing on from Heart attack. A Heart attack commonly known in medical parlance as Myocardial Infarction is said to occur when there is an interruption of blood supply to the heart as a result of partial or complete blockage that eventually leads to death of heart muscle tissue. The exact cause of this condition is unknown but the most common risk factors have been identified to be: Tobacco smoking;poorly controlled/excess blood sugar in adult life (Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus);poorly controlled blood pressure(Hypertension);too much weight for height (Obesity);abnormally high blood fats & oils (dyslipidaemia) and alcohol abuse. The cardinal symptom is crushing/squeezing central or left sided chest pain that radiates to the shoulder with profuse sweating and breathlessness and anxiety in a lot of cases; probably what this heroic driver experienced before taking cautionary measures to save his passengers. See short video footage and reporting from a CGTN Correspondent below.

The most important aspect of this information will be how to prevent such an occurrence from happening to you or anyone else you know. Here are a few tips:

* Simply visiting the hospital once or twice a year for wellness checks can make a lot of difference. You don't need to wait until you experience symptoms as a couple of the risk factors mentioned above can occur without symptoms until damage is imminent.

* An active lifestyle with a regular exercise schedule is key; especially if you are at risk. Brisk walking for 30 minutes at least 3 times a week is the standard recommendation but if you can't meet up how about every Weekend? Some authors have suggested regular sex as being able to reduce the risk. That's certainly an issue for another day.

* Dietary modification is also very important: Hypertensives must keep salt intake very low;Diabetics must watch sugar consumption and those with abnormally high lipids in addition to hypertensives and diabetics must keep intake of fatty food substances to the barest minimum. Alcohol abuse is dangerous and Tobacco does not give nutrients. It only helps to destroy blood vessels on the long run.

* Those who experience any sort of chest pain should consult their healthcare providers on time and get check up/management if need be. A tablet of aspirin swallowed on your way to the hospital (for those with the kind of pain described above) might buy some precious time,if the diagnosis is really an impending or outright heart attack.

The special blood vessels that supply blood to our hearts deserve special care else, death is a very possible outcome. The incidence of heart attacks is reported to be on the rise with over 15 million cases worldwide in 2015 alone. This figure does not take into consideration,the many undiagnosed cases in developing climes like Sub-Saharan Africa and other 3rd world regions. There is need to pay more attention to personal wellness. Those who are already hypertensive or diabetic or both must be medication and exercise compliant. When it comes to general wellness, a word will never be enough for the wise,so we won't stop writing and talking; even to our own selves. For more information,consult references below.

CGTN|Hero Chinese Driver Stops Bus Safely Before Dying Of Heart Attack

NIH|NATIONAL HEART LUNG & BLOOD INSTITUTE/What Are The Signs And Symptoms Of Coronary Heart Disease

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World #Blood Donation Day 2017- My Blood & The Fellow In A Pool Of Blood!

June 14 (yesterday) was WORLD BLOOD DONOR DAY 2017 and this year the theme is centred around what we can do to save a life in short of blood. Yes,say the prayers but spare other fanatical gibberish and "GIVE BLOOD;GIVE NOW;GIVE OFTEN"!!! I have never told this story online before but this occasion seems a perfect moment to tell the throwback story of "my blood and the fellow in a pool of blood.


I had heard a lot of people who were in a position to help others but would rather pray and my reaction would usually be to laugh out loud when the stories were being told. Little did I know that,this blessed morning would be my judgement day. It was the beginning of 500 level in medical school and I was happy to resume at the Surgical ward for Intermediate Surgery posting. My horns were very green and I was eager to see what this introduction to clinical surgery had to offer. I breezed into the ward without looking left or right to where the teaching was about to commence. After a brief bedside lecture,we were done and on my way out,one of the most horrific scenery in my life till date hit me. There he laid in a red pool with a basin underneath his bed to avoid the floor from being soiled. First I did not believe it was blood until I saw the accompanying clots. My Christian Brother X from town had been involved in a motor bike accident and sustained a terrible urethral(urinary tract tear) that left him urinating frank blood. As he narrated his ordeal to me, I couldn't feel my feet supporting my lower limbs as I stared at the blood trickling slowly into the basin below his bed. He had just reacted to the only pint of blood that was available for him and without a donor, the Urology Unit would not take him into theatre to do the repair, yet there was no one to donate for him. The only words that could come out of my mouth was "God will help you, I will be back to see you tomorrow" but as I was leaving,a quiet voice in my heart whispered to be saying,"if everyone says God will help you and walk away,who will God use? why not be the first vessel?" That was how I turned back immediately and volunteered to donate for Bro X. Till today, he still feels I saved his life,saying,as soon as that blood entered his body, he felt life again. Of course he went in for the surgery and the rest is lifesaving history. There are many other cases like that out there that didn't make it and many more that wouldn't if you don't take visible action to help when you are in the position. GIVE BLOOD;GIVE TODAY;GIVE OFTEN- if you can.

There are different conditions that can warrant patients to require blood transfusion;ranging from: traumatic blood loss like the case above; to inherited blood illnesses like sickle cell disease; cancer of the white blood cells (leukaemia) etc and a pint of blood volunteered by a fit donor can go a long way to save a recipient life. DON'T WAIT TILL A DISASTER HAPPENS;GIVE BLOOD,GIVE NOW,GIVE OFTEN. For more information about the campaign,see reference below.


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R.I.P SIR ROGER 007 MOORE.14 October 1927 - 23 May 2017!!!

It's no longer news that Sir Roger Moore, one of my favourite "James Bond'" character passed on last month after what the family has reported to be a brief battle with cancer at the age of 89. Your movies: A View To A Kill; Octopussy; For Your Eyes Only;  Moonraker; The Spy Who Loved Me & The Man With The Golden Gun, struck an instant cord with myself and all the other kids around,whilst I was growing up. Not to mention "Simon Templer". You were an "Actor Extraordinaire'"

Though I have not been able to identify the exact cancer on news media,one thing is sure- as long as human cells still have the capacity to multiply abnormally and spread without a cure,early detection will always be the key to survival.

For a detailed summary about the Legend's life, consult the references below.




You already heard/read the story of 22 persons dead and many more injured in the Manchester bombing of last month at the end of Ariana Grande's concert. Terror has become a Public Health EMERGENCY that the world is yet to find a solution to. In case you had no clue,find the basic mechanism/ pathophysiology to blast injuries below.

Our heartfelt condolences go out to families of victims in Manchester,as well as everywhere else there has ever been innocent victims of bomb blasts and other forms of terror attack or war. Always too hard to say goodbye to yesterday. We wish your lights never go out.

 For more information,see references below.



#VLOG- #Throwback "World Health Day 2017" #letstalk ! "DKLW"-Episode 7.


Do you feel "DEPRESSED? Let's Talk"! See how I marked World Health Day 2017.

A DRK.NG Health Promotion & Media Service Production;

by Dr. Oghenekevwe Ogidigben.