Thursday, 15 June 2017

World #Blood Donation Day 2017- My Blood & The Fellow In A Pool Of Blood!

June 14 (yesterday) was WORLD BLOOD DONOR DAY 2017 and this year the theme is centred around what we can do to save a life in short of blood. Yes,say the prayers but spare other fanatical gibberish and "GIVE BLOOD;GIVE NOW;GIVE OFTEN"!!! I have never told this story online before but this occasion seems a perfect moment to tell the throwback story of "my blood and the fellow in a pool of blood.


I had heard a lot of people who were in a position to help others but would rather pray and my reaction would usually be to laugh out loud when the stories were being told. Little did I know that,this blessed morning would be my judgement day. It was the beginning of 500 level in medical school and I was happy to resume at the Surgical ward for Intermediate Surgery posting. My horns were very green and I was eager to see what this introduction to clinical surgery had to offer. I breezed into the ward without looking left or right to where the teaching was about to commence. After a brief bedside lecture,we were done and on my way out,one of the most horrific scenery in my life till date hit me. There he laid in a red pool with a basin underneath his bed to avoid the floor from being soiled. First I did not believe it was blood until I saw the accompanying clots. My Christian Brother X from town had been involved in a motor bike accident and sustained a terrible urethral(urinary tract tear) that left him urinating frank blood. As he narrated his ordeal to me, I couldn't feel my feet supporting my lower limbs as I stared at the blood trickling slowly into the basin below his bed. He had just reacted to the only pint of blood that was available for him and without a donor, the Urology Unit would not take him into theatre to do the repair, yet there was no one to donate for him. The only words that could come out of my mouth was "God will help you, I will be back to see you tomorrow" but as I was leaving,a quiet voice in my heart whispered to be saying,"if everyone says God will help you and walk away,who will God use? why not be the first vessel?" That was how I turned back immediately and volunteered to donate for Bro X. Till today, he still feels I saved his life,saying,as soon as that blood entered his body, he felt life again. Of course he went in for the surgery and the rest is lifesaving history. There are many other cases like that out there that didn't make it and many more that wouldn't if you don't take visible action to help when you are in the position. GIVE BLOOD;GIVE TODAY;GIVE OFTEN- if you can.

There are different conditions that can warrant patients to require blood transfusion;ranging from: traumatic blood loss like the case above; to inherited blood illnesses like sickle cell disease; cancer of the white blood cells (leukaemia) etc and a pint of blood volunteered by a fit donor can go a long way to save a recipient life. DON'T WAIT TILL A DISASTER HAPPENS;GIVE BLOOD,GIVE NOW,GIVE OFTEN. For more information about the campaign,see reference below.


Thursday, 1 June 2017

R.I.P SIR ROGER 007 MOORE.14 October 1927 - 23 May 2017!!!

It's no longer news that Sir Roger Moore, one of my favourite "James Bond'" character passed on last month after what the family has reported to be a brief battle with cancer at the age of 89. Your movies: A View To A Kill; Octopussy; For Your Eyes Only;  Moonraker; The Spy Who Loved Me & The Man With The Golden Gun, struck an instant cord with myself and all the other kids around,whilst I was growing up. Not to mention "Simon Templer". You were an "Actor Extraordinaire'"

Though I have not been able to identify the exact cancer on news media,one thing is sure- as long as human cells still have the capacity to multiply abnormally and spread without a cure,early detection will always be the key to survival.

For a detailed summary about the Legend's life, consult the references below.




You already heard/read the story of 22 persons dead and many more injured in the Manchester bombing of last month at the end of Ariana Grande's concert. Terror has become a Public Health EMERGENCY that the world is yet to find a solution to. In case you had no clue,find the basic mechanism/ pathophysiology to blast injuries below.

Our heartfelt condolences go out to families of victims in Manchester,as well as everywhere else there has ever been innocent victims of bomb blasts and other forms of terror attack or war. Always too hard to say goodbye to yesterday. We wish your lights never go out.

 For more information,see references below.



#VLOG- #Throwback "World Health Day 2017" #letstalk ! "DKLW"-Episode 7.


Do you feel "DEPRESSED? Let's Talk"! See how I marked World Health Day 2017.

A DRK.NG Health Promotion & Media Service Production;

by Dr. Oghenekevwe Ogidigben.



Why do people volunteer? Here's what I found out speaking to volunteers,as I volunteered at "PROJECT C.U.R.E." Houston. Enjoy.

A DRK.NG Health Promotion & Media Production;

by Dr. Oghenekevwe Ogidigben.


Depression is a very controversial topic and people all around the world have different opinions as to whether severely depressed individuals who eventually commit suicide have a valid reason to do so. On this episode, I am more interested in non-clinical measures to try before seeking medical help,if still in doubt.
NOTE: The information disseminated here is simply my opinion and nothing professional,so don't get it twisted.

* A DRK.NG Health Promotion & Media Production;

by Dr. Oghenekevwe Ogidigben.

Tuesday, 23 May 2017


Have you heard of the saying,"the fear of kidney disease is the beginning of wisdom"? Well,the fear of any disease condition actually and the additional effort to follow up on preventive measures is the true beginning of wisdom. Here's a short video clip on "3 SIMPLE EXERCISE ROUTINES THAT CAN PRESERVE YOUR KIDNEYS". Enjoy.

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living in the heart of nyc by DR KEVWE
Are you a genuine tourist or professional looking to explore the United States via conference opportunities? Are you a new couple looking to have a memorable honeymoon in an exotic US City like New York or San Fransisco? Are you at a loss on how to approach the Embassy in your country? Then this will surely help. 3 Tips from yours truly. Enjoy.

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Monday, 22 May 2017


Every endeavour has successful mentor figures who have paid their dues and made their mark. For health related lifestyle television, New York's popular Heart Surgeon and TV Personality, Dr Mehmet Oz is the S.I. Unit and it was an honour to be a live studio audience for a special recording of the "Dr Oz Show" right here in New York. Find an interesting preview on the 2nd episode of "DR KEVWE'S LIFESTYLE WEEKLY".

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One of the challenges that food and lifestyle enthusiasts have to deal with when away in foreign climes is finding recipe choices indigenous to them back at home. Not just indigenous choices but healthy as well. As a Nigerian, I take my soup and swallow delicacies very seriously. My name is DR KEVWE . I am visiting New York for the first time and I am starting the first Episode of this Video Blog (DR KEVWE'S LIFESTYLE WEEKLY) with "HOW I LOCATED EGUSI SOUP IN MANHATTAN". 

Enjoy ***********************************************

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Saturday, 20 May 2017

SPONSORED: ALL AFRICAN-CLINICAL TRIAL SUMMIT 2017; Meet Some Confirmed Guest Speakers & Register.

Meet some of the confirmed Guest Speakers at the Clinical Trial Summit 2017 and register now.












For more information visit:
*Call: +2348038093464; +2348105230038
* Prof. Mrs. Ifeoma Okoye -MBBS;FWACS;FMCR
Professor of Radiology, College of Medicine, University of Nigeria Nsukka
Consultant Radiologist, University of Nigeria Teaching Hospital Enugu (UNTH), AND ASHOKA FELLOW
Chairperson, Association for Good Clinical Practice in Nigeria (AGCPN) |
Chairperson, 'Breast Without Spot' Initiative |
Co-Director Bone Marrow Registry, Nigeria |
Past Observer to The Board of Union for International Cancer Control (UICC)
African Coordinator of CITI (Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative of Univ. Of Miami )
President International Cancer Week Initiative In Nigeria (ICW)
Consultant to NAFDAC on Clinical Trials & Co-Chair Nigerian Clinical Trials Technical Working Group

Wednesday, 10 May 2017

"BETTER AIR,BETTER BREATHING"- Avoiding The Asthmatic Ordeal!!!!


May 2nd was World Asthma Day 2017 and this year,the central theme of the campaign was "BETTER AIR, BETTER BREATHING"! Spearheaded by The Global Initiative for Asthma (GINA) alongside the World Health Organisation and other concerned stake holders, the emphasis was on Atmospheric sanitation because -better unpolluted air,would mean to a large extent better breathing environment and this could ultimately lead to avoidance of the dreaded asthmatic ordeal.

Simply defined as a chronic(longstanding) inflammatory (body's reaction to injury) condition of the respiratory tract that occurs as a result of irritative stimuli/triggers that leads to constriction and excessive secretions but reversible upon treatment with dilator  +/- other relief medications, the difficult breathing and chest tightness with associated musical note-like respiratory sounds that follow a moderate to severe asthmatic attack can be super devastating, not just for affected persons but caregivers also;especially when children are affected. Death is a complication in some cases when attacks occur without access to control measures or when control measures prove ineffective in a few cases. Unfortunately this condition can be inherited from parents.


The best way to avoid this ordeal if diagnosed to be asthmatic would  be seeking appropriate clinical help from an approved caregiver and (as much as possible), preventing attacks,a measure that starts with a good knowledge and avoidance of irritative stimuli/triggers. As illustrated below, you will realise that all of the other triggers other than exertion from exercise, are related to some form of atmospheric pollution or untoward weather;with approximately 300 million people reportedly affected,if not more.

The clarion call to individuals whether asthmatic or not,as well as organisations, would be to keep the environment/ atmosphere as sanitised as possible because "BETTER AIR could equate to BETTER BREATHING". The Human race could really make use of some fresh air in needy lungs moving forwards. For more information about World Asthma Day 2017 and Asthma management and prevention, consult references below.

Thursday, 20 April 2017


APRIL 25TH is World Malaria Day and this year, the theme/central concern bothers on the need to "END MALARIA FOR GOOD". Simply defined as a life-threatening disease that is caused by different species of a menacing parasite called Plasmodium,transmission occurs via bites of annoying  parasite infected female Anopheles mosquitos resulting in symptoms like:intermittent fever (high body temperature), moderate to severe headaches, generalised body aches said to be worse in the joints, vomiting and generalised weakness with complications like organ failure, loss of consciousness and death in severe cases;especially amongst children,pregnant women and non-immunised expatriates in the Sub-Saharan region of Africa.

As a follow up to the theme, the World Health Organisation (WHO) is laying emphasis on "CLOSING THE PREVENTION GAP",  since the best way to eradicate any disease is to prevent it from occurring in the first place. Major gains have been made over the years in the war against malaria, as WHO statistics reveal that global incidence and mortality between 2010 & 2015 fell by 21% & 29% respectively but there however remains a huge prevention gap amongst people at risk as noted in the INFOGRAPHICS below.




In addition to the above mentioned,we must all join hands together in the fight to "END MALARIA FOR GOOD"! Dirty gutters and stagnant pools of water or overgrown grasslands that serve as breeding sites for mosquitos have no businesses around our environments. Pregnant women must attend Antenatal clinics all the way and children must be taken to hospital when symptoms are noticed. Expatriates from non-endemic regions must visit their General Practitioners for adequate preventive therapy before traveling to endemic countries and very importantly, adults should desist from self medication and go for appropriate testing when symptoms are noticed. There are other conditions that present with what we refer to as malaria-like symptoms and if you keep stopping by the patent chemist store to pop anti-malarial medications with every headache and perceived body pain or weakness,then sooner than expected, you will be caught up in the dangerous web of drug resistance that is developing slowly. For more information on World Malaria Day 2017 and Malaria as a disease condition,consult references below.

Wednesday, 19 April 2017

#Fitness /WCW:The Most Fascinating Female Colleague I've Met Online-IMAGES.

DR BRANDY SEGURA @themordernfitmom

Yes she is a Medical Doctor turned fitness Champion/Bikini Model. She holds a Bachelors of Science (B.Sc.) in Neuroscience acquired from the super competitive UCLA School of Medicine and an Associates of Arts in Chemistry from Fullerton Community College. She is an Entrepreneur and mother of 2 lovely children. She is our "FITNESS/WOMAN CRUSH" for this Wednesday. She is "DR BRANDY SEGURA"! 

She left Residency Training in 2009 to have her second child and found herself gaining weight to an eventual 80 kilograms (175 pounds) .
Dr Brandy Segura befor transformation:

                       Is she balling as a "Modern Fit Mum" now? You can say that again.

In her words,"she felt as though she lacked a sense of purpose". Dr Segura decided to take the bull by the horn,sacrificed full time Clinical practice into becoming a fitness enthusiast and transformed into a champ.

Spot DR Segura?
See References below for her full story.



Friday, 14 April 2017

Eddie Murphy's Older Brother Charlie Murphy passes at 57-The Dilemma called Leukaemia #ripcharliemurphy !!


The sad demise news of Charlie Murphy at the age of 57,American comedian,actor,screen writer and older brother of Eddie Murphy,flooded Network airwaves and social media this past Wednesday and the cause of death is reported to be the dilemma called LEUKAEMIA. Commonly referred to as cancer of the blood or a cancer that starts from blood forming tissues,Leukaemia is associated with  abnormal multiplication and spread of "WHITE BLOOD CELLS" (component cells of blood mainly responsible for immune protection of the body) and National Cancer Institute(NIH) statistics reveal that in 2017 thus far, an estimated 24,500 persons have died from the condition worldwide,yet like other cancers, the exact cause for any of the different forms is unknown. Some risk factors/potential contributors to coming down with the disease include: exposure to certain chemicals/environmental factors,past family history,sex(male:female ratio),unhealthy lifestyle like tobacco smoking,excess alcohol in take and the likes. With this vague knowledge and a lot of "living a healthy lifestyle" information geared towards prevention,some medical scientists still believe that in more cases than not,the disease is unpreventable for those who will eventually become victims,so just like every other cancer, I suppose "early detection" will be the potential life saving action and if you didn't know,you can see the major symptoms in the illustration below.

If you or anyone you know ever experiences any symptoms close to these,then run to your healthcare provider to explain exactly how you feel,so appropriate investigations can be done to arrive at a diagnosis. Hopefully it won't be leukaemia but if it is, then treatment towards remission can start early enough. Every person lost is one case too many and Charlie Murphy was surely a multitude-in-one.

Many of us may not have always known you,Charlie,especially from Africa and other parts of the World but for all the testimonials from Eddie Murphy himself and other successful American comedians, we believe you are truly a legend now past and oh; I reaaallllyyyy enjoyed your joke about "What The 5 Fingers Said To The Face". 
It's sad to know that your wife had earlier succumbed to cancer and now you. Our sincere prayer is that God gives the family the fortitude to bear the loss. Leukeamia and all other forms of cancer are suckers that the world must get rid of but for now, the dilemma remains a nightmare that won't stop hunting the world of Medical Science AND unfortunate families,until more specific preventive measures and confirmed cures are developed. Your performances show that you were red hot with passion Charlie but your last tweet confirmed that it was time to to go.

As hard as it is to say good bye,we say #RIPCharlieMurphy.

 Your Legacy lives on. For article references,some of Charlie Murphy's work and more information about Leukaemia, refer to links below.


Wednesday, 12 April 2017

#VACCINESWORK- Counting Down To "World Immunization Week 2017"! WHO INFOGRAPHICS.

World Immunization Week 2017 will be observed from April 24th to 30th and this year the theme is "VACCINES WORK". I am praying that Nigerian Organisations,both Governmental and Non-Governmental, devote resources en masse to ensure that the information is driven home and vital action is taken to ensure that every child/individual is adequately immunised for age. Otherwise how do we explain the fact that the giant of Africa is one of only 3 remaining countries in the world to harbour the Polio virus? Why is Nigeria the second country with the most un-immunised children in the world,after India? Why is Nigeria always unprepared?  Anyways enough of the lamenting. See Infographic facts from the World Health Organisation to show that "Vaccines Work"!




#Meningitis In Nigeria:A Tough Way To Learn Preparedness As Death Toll Approaches 500.

African Meningitis Belt

With a total of 438 recorded deaths from 3,959 suspected cases in what has been reported to be 19 affected states (5 states up North mostly affected) as at April 6th,2017, CEREBROSPINAL MENINGITIS is causing dangerous waves in already troubled waters and the Nigerian Ministry of Health with it's affiliated organisations are learning the Boys Scout motto "BE PREPARED" in a tough way. Unfortunately,historical trends seem to point towards the fact that,only after disease outbreaks and consequent loss of lives,do Organisations make moves to educate the masses,majority of whom are ignorant about potential disease threats,not to talk of preventive measures. If Nigeria is known to be a country in the "African Meningitis Belt" and we are aware of the availability of preventive vaccines for the various causative agent strains,could we have been better prepared?

Simply defined as the body's reaction to injury (inflammation) of the protective membrane coverings (meninges) of the brain and spinal cord,the disease condition referred to as MENINGITIS is not new to the various medical communities in the Sub-Saharan region of the African Continent.
Niserria meningitides 👀:

 Usually a medical emergency when it occurs,meningitis can be caused by different strains of a paired bean-shaped bacteria referred to as Neiserria  meningitides;as depicted above.So if your Governor happens to think otherwise,now you know better. The circulating story is that, up until this current outbreak,the group B strain had been more prevalent and group C strain of the bacteria had been rare in the country thus, a low stock of vaccines against the group C strain of this deadly bacteria. World Health Organisation(WHO) sources however reveal that, various forms of the meningococcal vaccine against group C,as well as other known strains (A,C,W,Y,alongside B), have been around for sometime and have been widely used in Western climes. The Minister of Health,Prof. Isaac Adewale, is however reported to have mentioned the acquisition of over 1 million vaccines in a recent press release. As expected, WHO & the Nigerian colonial master,Great Britain,are living up to the task of rescuing the giant of Africa in need.Hopefully the outbreak should be contained in no time. Bear in mind that other micro-organisms(viruses & fungi) as well as a few other more advanced organisms (protozoans) can also cause meningitis. Sometimes,the cause remains unknown though,some of the symptoms remain similar.
👀: @ugojesse

For those who do not know yet, typical symptoms of the disease include:high grade fever,severe headache,neck stiffness,confusion,vomiting,unusual hypersensitivity to light (photophobia),unconsciousness in more severe cases and death in 50% of cases,if untreated. Even when diagnosed and adequate treatment is started,WHO statistics reveal that 5% to 10% of patients still die within 24 to 48 hours after onset of symptoms,so prevention still remains the best cure and vaccination is the ultimate in this regard. As a result of the fact that, the disease can be transmitted via person-to-person through droplets of respiratory or throat secretions from carriers,hygiene and vigilance is of utmost importance,especially during times like this. Close and prolonged contact such as kissing,exposure to droplets from sneezing or recurrent coughing by a carrier(infected person) living in close quarters with you can facilitate spread. For more information on the condition and update resources, visit the references below.





*YouTube/kenhub|Meninges Of The Brain (Preview)-Human Anatomy

Wednesday, 5 April 2017

#Depression: Let's Talk-Timely Theme For World Health Day 2017!!!

April 7th, 2017 is World Health Day and this year,the central theme is "DEPRESSION:LET'S TALK". Simply defined as "a state of low mood and abnormal lack of interest in usual activity that can affect an individuals:thoughts,feelings,behaviour and sense of general well being", can it really be true that depression is the leading cause of poor health and disability worldwide? According to the World Health Organisation (WHO), over 300 million individuals are said to be living with one state of depression or the other with one individual estimated to die from suicide every 40 seconds. Despite all the gains reported in The Gates Annual Letter of 2017, is the world becoming a more sad place as the days go by? Whatever the case, WHO and concerned stakeholders have reached a campaign consensus to say,enough of Depression already,"LET'S TALK" because truly, Depression can be treated and the solutions you seek will start from talking about it with someone who cares to listen or a professional if things seem to be getting out of hand. Parents/Guardians must take note that- this campaign also recognises that adolescents/young adults must be considered in the entire equation. They are humans and have emotions too. See the short WHO Campaign video below.

On the 7th Edition of "DR KEVWE'S LIFESTYLE WEEKLY"/my Video blog, I will carry out a really short survey,talking to few respondents to find out what they do to get their moods back up,when depressed. Depression is a threatening menace to global happiness but let's pick ourselves up and talk about it. For more information,consult the references below.

*WHO|World Health Day-7 April 2017

*WHO YOUTUBE CHANNEL|Let's Talk About Depression-Focus On Adolescents and Young adults


*gatesnotes|2017 Annual Letter/DEAR WARREN

Thursday, 30 March 2017

Bill Gates Talks About A Longtime Misconception & The Importance Of Micro-Organisms!VIDEO.

The general notion out there is that all micro-organisms (Bacteria,Viruses & Fungi) are harmful and must be eradicated from the surface of the earth but is this the true scientific reality? Watch how the world's richest philanthropist, Bill Gates, clears the air about a longtime misconception and the importance of some microbes to the human race in an exclusive chat with British journalist,Ed Young,the author of the book "I Contain Multitudes".

In case you didn't know,there are special micro-organisms referred to as the normal flora of the human body. Destroy them and get into serious trouble health wise.


#Medication Related Errors:Operation Reduce By 50%!!!-World Health Organisation.


The World Health Organisation (WHO) has launched a global initiative that will target to reduce the incidence of "medication related errors" by 50%(half) within the next 5 years. This initiative has been captioned "The Global Patient Safety Challenge on Medication Safety" and must address the loop holes in global healthcare delivery that relate to all aspects of medication use, as well as prompt management of harm that occurs from medication related errors. As depicted in this graphic illustration by Ugo Jesse, medication related errors can occur when  an individual feels unwell and decides to self-medicate,unknowingly using a wrong medication or harmful dosage or decides to visit a patent chemist store for what turns out in many cases to be uninformed prescriptions by Pharmaceutical Technicians or even Pharmacists themselves. The unfortunate part of the situation is that, medication related errors can also happen when you visit a proper hospital and the healthcare provider mistakenly prescribes a wrong medication or wrong dosage or perhaps,mistakes that occur at your In-Hospital drug dispensary during preparation and administration by Nurses. Though worldwide statistics are not readily available, at least one person is said to die everyday and approximately 1.3 million others injured every year in the USA alone,as a result of medication related errors. On a wider scale,statistics reveal that 1% of total global health spending is the cost associated with medication related errors worldwide,amounting to a whooping $42 billion US Dollars and WHO is urging every stake holder worldwide,including patients,to play an active role in ensuring that this trend is at least halved within the next 5 years,if not totally done away with.

Complications like severe drug induced allergies that can lead to kidney impairment are on the rise. Prolonged intake of medications like Aspirin and Non-Steroidal anti-inflammatory Drugs like Ibuprofen have caused severe erosion and bleeding in the stomachs or intestines of victims. Abnormal life threatening heart rhythms have occurred in the past and still do occur as a result of medication related errors. The list goes on and on and every life that is lost like I always say is one-too-many. Thus WHO is leaving no one out in this challenge from:patient;parents/guardians of patients to Pharmacists and their assistants,as well as Medical Doctors and every other member of the healthcare team that is potentially involved in the medication use interphase,DR KEVWE inclusive. Patients must present to the right and designated Centres for medical consultation and Healthcare providers must double check if not certain,to prescribe when necessary,the right dosage of the appropriate medication needed,as well as ensuring to counsel patients on the appropriate timing of taking their medications. Let the challenge begin people. For more information on the challenge and medication related errors,see references below.



Tuesday, 28 March 2017



That the body massage industry is growing globally in lips and bounds may be stale news for you but to imagine that the automobile industry is taking driver and passenger satisfaction to luxuriously physiotherapeutic extremes is mind blowing. I did a little literature review and if you are as curious as I am,wondering what car's interior can give you the best massage in the world an automobile can offer,then request for a test spin in the 2017 "Bentley Mulsanne EWB" when next you are around a Dealership and return here to drop your review if possible. I'm launching out on the same assignment but in the meantime,you can agree that the interior of this machine says it all.

Yes I am a medical Doctor and a Health Gossip columnist but I'm also an unrepentant automobile enthusiast and the fact that this ride has been reported to give heavenly massages brings both world perfectly together for me. I'm also a dreamer and you must never underrate the power of dreams. An exotic massage in my own copy of a newer model might become reality just before you are done criticising my review.